The Mystery Program

If Warhols Factory was Hogwarts

When I was a young art student in 2017, my professor asked me the following question:

"What is your vision?" I was confused and had no idea how to answer.
It sounded a little new age to me, a little spiritual, but coming from my esteemed mentor, 
the question has stuck with me to this day. It still does, because a vision can be many things. 
It can be a vision for your personal life, for society, for your love life, but it can also mean a vision for a
creative project and in a broader sense for your artistic practice. 

This "vision for a creative project" is exactly what he was talking about. 
The truth was: I had many. But so many that I had none. No idea what to focus on, how to realize my ideas.

I collected all the hints form mentors, books & my own experience, observations
and learnings, that are the 4 corner stones of THE MYSTERY PROGRAM

I. NOTES ON CHANGE: Learn The Art Of Discipline

: Cure your Overthinking

Making Your Life A Work Of Art

What's Your Message? Nail it.

Further, we develop individualized “Quests” to get your art started.

Are you ready to turn the ideas in your mind into specific,
actualized projects while becoming your best version along the way?

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